Act One :: On DVD

We are very proud to offer our latest award-winning feature, Act One, on DVD. This disc has been professionally replicated to ensure the highest playback compatibility among DVD players available today. It is also being presented on dual layer media, which provides a massive amount of space for extra features. And believe us, we used it all as our disc is chock full of extras:
  • One More Take: Behind the Scenes of Act One, a 30 minute featurette
  • 2 Feature Length Commentaries,
    1) Brad Ellis & Allen Gardner
    2) John Moore, Mark Norris, & Matt Weatherly
  • Photo Slideshow with commentary by photographer Michael Norris
  • Deleted Scenes with optional director commentary
  • Q107.5 Radio Interview with Brad Ellis
  • 2 Live at 9 TV Interviews, 1) Mark Norris & Matt Weatherly, 2) Brad Ellis & Allen Gardner
  • Fox 13 Movie Review with Linn Sitler
  • Time Warner TV Spots
  • Audition Reel
  • Outtake Reel

If you're interested in purchasing a copy, please click on the link below. The DVD is priced at $15, which includes shipping and handling. Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy the disc!

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